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A building inspection or a land survey may be required for your home if you’re having work done on it. Here are a few quick guidelines that you can follow to make sure that your building stays up to code according to the rules in Winnipeg. 

Here is everything you need to know about when inspections and surveys are required during a renovation of your home. 

When Is an Inspection Required? 

Homeowners may wonder when an inspection is required for their property. The majority of inspections are to be completed before the certificate of occupancy is issued, but remodels may also prompt the local permitting office to complete an inspection. There are several times when an inspection may be mandatory, starting with the foundation of the house. 


In Winnipeg, the initial building must be inspected from the foundation all the way to the structural framework. As the building process progresses, you will also need an inspection for the interior finishing of the home up to and including the roof. If you’re starting from scratch, it will take multiple inspections to cover all of these bases. 


Plumbing is another very important aspect of the home that requires a building inspection. If you had to pull a permit for modifications to your plumbing, chances are that an inspection will be required before that permit can be closed out. An inspector will take a closer look at the plumbing from three feet outside the basement to the drainage and potable water pipes. 


In addition to plumbing, you’ll also need to have all indoor mechanical systems inspected. This can include heating, ventilation, and even the installation of sump pumps. Once again, if you had to pull a permit for the installation of these items, then you will likely need a building inspector to sign off that the work was completed properly. 


Anything to do with the electrical in your building will likely require an inspection. This is valid for both interior and exterior wiring. 

When Should You Get a Survey? 

A survey is a bit different than an inspection. Instead, a survey looks at the land upon which your home is built. Before you make any major modifications to your property (such as installing a fence) or even before you decide to sell the property, make sure you know where the boundaries are with a property survey. 

This can be done at any time and will prevent you from accidentally building on land that doesn’t belong to you. 

Hiring the Right Demolition Company

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