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Are you looking for professional and safe demolition services that won’t break your budget? At Winnipeg Demolition, we pride ourselves on being reliable for our clients and doing our absolute best to stay on the timetable set out for your project. Our team of experienced professionals is very familiar with local codes and safety standards with a 100 percent success rating based on our past customer experience in this area. 

It goes without saying that our demolition crews are also fully insured to protect you and your property in the process. Winnipeg Demolition is committed to providing quality services on each and every job we book. Our expert staff is trained on the most effective and safest practices in the industry today. 

While we do a top-notch job through our demolition and asbestos removal, Winnipeg Demolition also wants to ensure that we are pricing our services fairly. We believe you will find that the price for our quality work is very competitive with others in our industry. 

Demolition Services

They might make it look easy on television, but demolition work can be gruelling. If it is completed without the proper training and attention to detail, eliminating the older parts of your home or business can have disastrous results. You might encounter safety hazards on a high-risk job that puts everyone on your job site in danger. 

Winnipeg Demolition prides itself on our safety procedures and our work ethic. Our long history of success on these types of projects speaks for itself. Not only is our work of the highest quality, but we also have a mind for the environment as well. Our crew comes to your job with the understanding that the project is completely unique and will require a customized approach. 

We even provide some of the hardest demolition work: concrete removal. Our crews have the experience needed to remove concrete with a mind for health and safety hazards, deadlines, dust pollution, and more. We have the skills and the equipment you need to take care of concrete quickly. 

Asbestos Removal Services

Removing asbestos from your home or business is serious work. Exposing or disturbing this dangerous construction material can lead to long-term health hazards such as lung cancer. It used to be a popular material in construction, so it is common to find it in many Canadian homes and businesses today. However, it needs to be safely removed by a team of experienced professionals who can adequately assess the situation. 

Unlike many construction projects which could warrant a DIY approach, there are too many risks to consider asbestos removal on your own. Asbestos could spell problems for your health as well as the environment if they aren’t removed properly. 

Winnipeg Demolition is proud to offer quality asbestos removal work where safety is our first priority. We can also work to repair the areas that need to be replaced and properly dispose of the unwanted and contaminated material. This work should be left to the professionals who have the right equipment, experience, and resources to properly care for the removal of asbestos in your building. 

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