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Specializing in both general and concrete demolition, our Winnipeg-based company combines years of industry experience, innovative technologies, and advanced equipment to deliver safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient demolition services!

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A big part of construction or renovation involves demolition. It is about replacing the old with the new. Nonetheless, demolition is not your typical DIY project. Any errors can result in serious technical hitches or possible safety hazards that might affect the project schedule.

Whether you are embarking on a remediation or total demolition project, you must find a professional and reputable Winnipeg demolition company near you to plan and carry out the demolition project.

We have years of experience in the demolition service industry. Our experts have provided some of the top and most innovative, efficient and safe technologies using advanced equipment required for safe and successful demolitions. We have earned a respectable reputation in the demolition industry because of safe and successful demolition practices.

Our demolition techniques are not only safe but also environmentally friendly. We have handled some of the most challenging demolition projects in the industry. We understand that each particular demolition project we handle is unique. What remains the same is the planning, management, and fundamental processes. We have a wide range of experience to design and execute comprehensive plans to carry out demolition projects of different scopes and complexities.

We have the most advanced demolition equipment and expert workforce using strict controls and techniques that allow us to demolish efficiently and safely while conserving the maximum amount of recyclable materials. Our long experience has earned us a respectable track record over the years working on a wide range of projects.

We have worked on several high-risk demolition projects with a remarkable safety record because of our continuous monitoring and improvement of our operations.

Concrete Demolition

From the moment concrete is poured it is meant to tolerate extreme weather, pressure, and aging. Therefore, when the time to remove and clear away concrete arrives it becomes a challenging and risky task. Demolition of concrete can lead to potential site risks, environmental concerns, and general disturbance.

There are numerous complicated challenges that demolition experts come across when demolishing concrete such as health and safety hazards, meeting scheduled deadlines, dust and noise pollution, site accessibility and dangerous environments.

Concrete demolition requires special skills and equipment. The demolition project is more often than not carried out on a building with adjacent structures around it. To safeguard the surrounded buildings from any potential danger, the target structure must be carefully calculated to keep the noise, dust and debris contained within the site.

All these factors have to be taken into account for a safe and successful demolition. The possibility of anticipating every single challenge is slim. However, you need an experienced, fully equipped company with advanced machinery, expertise, and dedication to site safety to handle a heavy concrete demolition project.

We have the expertise, advanced equipment, and knowledge to handle any kind of concrete demolition. Our highest priority is to handle every demolition project in the safest manner to minimize the risk of injury to our personnel during the demolition. We deliver all our projects within the set deadlines and work based on the agreed budget. We know the right tools and strategies required to handle all kinds of demolition challenges.

We are literally moving mountains with every successful and safe demolition of concrete structures.

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