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We offer professional, safe and affordable demolition services in Winnipeg
Do you have a residential demolition project? Make sure it gets done according to code with the proper permits pulled and the safest standards followed!
Looking for a commercial demolition contractor? Look no further. We have a qualified team to asses your needs, create a plan and demolish your building!
  • Years of experience in the Winnipeg demolition industry.
  • Fully insured.
  • Familiar with local codes and safety standards.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Adhere to project schedules and deadlines.
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We are Winnipeg’s Demolition Experts!See our job completion stats gathered from past customer experiences.
Demolitions completed on schedule 95%
Complied with Codes and Followed Safety Standards 100%
Competetive Pricing 92%

Why Choose Us?

Finding a reputable and experienced demolition company in Winnipeg can be a difficult task. There are many dangers associated with demolition therefore for safety reasons you must ensure that the necessary precautions are undertaken on the site. A demolition project is complex and requires careful planning to safeguard both people and property. You must make sure that the demolition company you hire has the necessary equipment and expert skills to handle the scope of your demolition project. The company must also meet high standards of safety and accountability.

Look no further since we are a professional and reputable demolition company offering demolition services in the entire Winnipeg, MB area. We provide both commercial and residential services at affordable rates.

We have all the heavy machinery and equipment required for a successful demolition project and we can handle both small and large projects. Our experience enables us to plan and execute a demolition exercise without harming anyone or damaging property. We have qualified experts with the technical know-how in planning the whole demolition process and safely handling the cleanup after demolition.

We strive to offer a complete proficient service to our esteemed clients. We are renowned and respected for being professional, trustworthy and affordable. Meeting the specific requirements of our clients is our key focus for every demolition project we execute.

The process of demolition is complicated, however when handled by a professional demolition company it will definitely go smoothly. We have accomplished many residential and commercial demolition and remediation projects.

Before embarking on any demolition, we start by clearing the building of any hazardous materials. We adhere to all the demolition codes and regulations. Our top priority for every demolition project is safety. Our approach to every demolition project is based on the building’s size and structure.

Our customers find our availability and reliability is unmatched. Our professionals provide the entire Winnipeg community with exceptional demolition services at reasonable rates. We strongly believe in building and growing strong partnerships with our clients who trust us to handle all their residential and commercial demolition projects every time.

Our experts will assess your building and determine the best approach for a safe and successful demolition. If you need concrete demolition or remediation do not hesitate to contact us at (204) 272-9762.

Our dedication to safety is solid. We have a team of safety professionals who offer constant training to our staff on the highest safety standards. We conduct regular site audits and safety meetings to ensure every demolition project is completed with safety in mind. We are committed to maintaining the safety of our people and property throughout the process. We get the job done right and safely.

All structures undergo stress and eventually many need to come down. Our experts will be a call away when that day comes and your building is old and unsafe. Remember a successful and safe demolition starts the moment you hire the right demolition company. Once you have hired us to handle your demolition project safely the process begins based on the following professional approach:

  • Needs Assessment

A number of factors have to be put into consideration which determine the approach to be taken when undertaking a complex building demolition project. We first assess the specific needs of our clients and develop a custom demolition plan that suits the scope of the project.

  • Customizing the Plan

After assessing the needs of the client, we formulate a plan. This plan will specify the approach of the demolition and the equipment needed for the exercise. The main goal is to demolish the building safely and efficiently within the agreed budget. The plan will depend on the building size, materials, location and purpose of the demolition.

Once we have formulated a plan we will determine the specific approach, appropriate equipment needed, estimated project cost, amount of debris, method, and duration of cleanup. The demolition plan must also include emergency and backup plans.

  • Obtaining Permits

This a prerequisite for any demolition project. Bringing down any building will need the appropriate permits from the authorities. Demolishing a building changes the landscape and will influence both property value and taxes within the area.

Once the plan has been customized and agreed upon we will obtain the required permits to ensure the demolition project meets the safety regulations and the process is done within the laws.

  • Site Preparation

Once the necessary permits have been obtained the site preparation can begin. Site preparation is a critical aspect of every demolition project whether it is a huge commercial building or a small residential house.

The utilities such as electricity, water and gas have to be entirely removed from the building. Care must be taken when removing hazardous materials and those that can be recycled. Our professional approach handles all the elements of the demolition process including site preparation.

  • Demolition

After customizing a plan, handling all the legal aspects and preparing the site, the demolition is undertaken on the scheduled date. For most people watching a building under demolition is simply breathtaking. The amount of coordination and skill involved in a safe and successful demolition is simply mind blowing. Demolition does not mark the end of a building but the beginning of a new structure to replace the old one.

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