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    Asbestos has been long recognized as one of the most hazardous substances and dangerous construction materials causing lung cancer, but unfortunately can be found present in many Canadian homes today and commercial ceiling tiles. In reality, asbestos is not a dangerous material until it has been disturbed and exposed, allowing for occupants of buildings and homes to inhale the substance. There are serious health risks associated with asbestos exposure that make it wise to keep an eye on the state of your property. When you discover damage that could allow for such asbestos exposure, it is important to have the situation professionally assessed. We undertake not only this type of asbestos assessment, but also the safe removal and disposal of any asbestos materials.

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    It may be tempting for some to try to undertake asbestos containing and asbestos abatement on their own. These days, more and more people are getting into DIY  work, but this can be not only dangerous to your health and that of other occupants on the property, but also represents an environmental risk. We are well versed in undertaking asbestos abatement work on both residential and commercial properties and our expert teams are properly trained in various kinds of asbestos abatement work from various building materials.

    Based on our asbestos assessments we assign suitably sized teams and disposal bins that can ably handle your project size in the fastest time possible. Our specialists arrive at client properties to inspect for asbestos or vermiculite damage, carry out tests to determine the extent of the dangerous material, and draw up a free estimate for the asbestos removal work that will be required. It is an easy 3 step process that can help you quickly discover if there is a problem, and how much and long it will take to resolve it.

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    Asbestos and vermiculite are common building materials in buildings, having been long used in such areas as insulation for pipes, boilers, ductwork, ceilings and walls, soundproofing, spray on insulation and rust-proofing, asphalt floor tiles, backing for vinyl sheet flooring, tile caulk, spackling and putty, exterior sidings and paints, to name a few. These asbestos containing materials can also been found in older vehicles, particularly the brake linings and clutch pads. Older heatproof gloves, fire blankets, and some paper and plastic products also have asbestos and vermiculite in their makeup.

    Because of the widespread use of these asbestos containing materials in the home, it is best to have a professional assessment and removal work done to avoid unnecessary release of spores in the air that may cause great harm, such as lung cancer, to occupants.

    What To Do If You Find Asbestos

    Now that you know the health risks you may be exposed to by inhaling asbestos fibres, it is important to know what to do if you suspect that there is structural damage to your property that may expose asbestos.

    • Close off any room which you suspect may have damage that has released asbestos dust into the air.
    • Put a stop to any DIY work being carried out until it can be ascertained if this may have some relation to the suspected asbestos exposure.
    • Seal off the room with plastic sheeting and duct tape to avoid asbestos dust getting out of the room. This is a good step if you are sure that there is asbestos dust that has gone airborne form the damaged area.
    • Get any very young children, elderly people or anyone with compromised immune system out of the building until an asbestos assessment has been done.
    • Shut down any heating or cooling system in the building to prevent the circulation of the asbestos to other areas.
    • Do not attempt to clean up, vacuum or sweep up any asbestos materials. Leave that to experts who can properly dispose of it.

    Benefits Of Hiring Winnipeg Asbestos Containing Professionals for Removal

    Hiring a professional contractor in asbestos abatement and removal to take care of your asbestos abatement needs is ideal for any property owner or manager with damage that could expose the occupants to risk. Here are some of the few benefits gained by opting to hire a licensed professional provider.

    Safety in Winnipeg

    As already outlined, exposure to asbestos can be quite dangerous by leading to health problems that could be fatal. It is not just those that are directly exposed who are at risk. Even family members and friends they later interact with that inhale the dust off their clothing can be at risk. Because of the level of risk at stake, it is important to safeguard the health of everyone by having professionals undertake the handling of the asbestos material.

    Repair work

    Because of the number of areas where asbestos may have been used in the construction of the building, it is often unrealistic to try to remove all trace of it, especially if only a minor potion of the asbestos containing materials were damaged. We can help replace the building work that was removed in a safe manner and avoid interfering with undamaged sections that may still contain asbestos materials.

    Disposal of Asbestos

    Once the asbestos containing materials are safely collected, it will then need to be safely disposed of so as not to be released into the environment.
    Only licensed professional Winnipeg asbestos removal and mould removal firms have access to the right equipment and other resources needed for this safe disposal.
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