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Asbestos Removal Winnipeg

Specializing in asbestos abatement, our Winnipeg-based team offers thorough testing, removal, and disposal services, ensuring the safety of your property and well-being of its occupants by eliminating this silent threat and providing essential repairs.

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Asbestos. The word alone is enough to make you shiver. 

Asbestos is a silent killer. Exposure to asbestos poses deadly health risks, but its symptoms don’t manifest until years later. You could be unknowingly exposed to asbestos right now; the material has no distinct smell or appearance. 

If asbestos is left undisturbed, it may not necessarily pose a health risk. But once you start a renovation project, the asbestos fibers can become airborne, resulting in hazardous exposure. The only way to detect the presence of asbestos and remove it completely is by contacting asbestos removal professionals.

Before we knew how harmful this material was, it was used in the construction of many buildings and automobiles. Asbestos and vermiculite are found in many building materials, including:

  • Ceiling tiles 
  • Insulation
  • Floor tiles
  • Pipes
  • Roof shingles

You can find asbestos in almost any older building, from commercial properties (such as workplaces or industrial warehouses) to residential homes. 

If you’re concerned about asbestos, we can help. We offer asbestos testing, removal, and disposal services. We’ll take a tailored approach to your unique situation; we understand that every building is different.

Don’t be in the dark about whether asbestos is in your home. Here’s what you should know about asbestos abatement in Winnipeg:

The Hazards of Asbestos

Why is it so important to remove asbestos properly? If you are exposed to asbestos-containing materials, you could suffer from the following health risks:

  • Asbestosis. This chronic lung disease causes severe respiratory symptoms. It typically manifests 10-40 years after exposure to asbestos. Symptoms include dry cough, shortness of breath, and wider/rounder toes and fingers.
  • Lung cancer. When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they can become lodged in the lining of the lungs, leading to cancerous cell development. Lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure also has a long latency period. 
  • Mesothelioma. Asbestos can cause an aggressive form of cancer known as mesothelioma, which affects various organs in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdomen.

These health problems have claimed the lives of hundreds of Canadians. Workers in construction trades are often exposed to asbestos. But you may unknowingly have asbestos in your residential home right now. If so, what should you do?

Testing for Asbestos

Since asbestos has no identifiable smell or appearance, the only way to identify it is through testing. We will require a sample of the building materials that you suspect may contain asbestos. Before you begin a renovation project at your residential home or commercial property, contact us for asbestos testing. 

What if You Find Asbestos?

Bad news: you’ve had some material tested at your property, and a professional has identified the presence of asbestos. 

Good news: We can help. By taking immediate action, you can keep the members of your household safe. Here’s what to do: 

  • If you know which room contains asbestos, close it off immediately.
  • Next, seal the area with plastic sheets and duct tape; this prevents any asbestos fibers from becoming airborne. 
  • Anyone who is a senior, a young child, or immunocompromised should not be in the building. Make other accommodations for them until the testing/removal process is complete.
  • Halt any renovations that may be in progress.
  • Turn off the HVAC system to prevent asbestos from reaching other areas of the property.
  • Don’t try to clean up the asbestos yourself. You could be exposed to asbestos-containing material.

These immediate solutions can reduce the risk of further exposure. Now, it’s time to contact a professional in Winnipeg to remove the asbestos. 

What Is Asbestos Removal?

The goal of this service is to eliminate any health risks that could result from asbestos exposure. With each removal process, we start by testing the material in question. Once we’ve identified asbestos, the next step is sealing off the space. 

Then, we implement specific asbestos removal techniques to safely remove the material. Each piece is placed in an airtight container to ensure safe disposal. 

After we’ve removed the material, we do a thorough cleaning of your space. We also perform a final sampling to make certain that your building is safe to inhabit.

Benefits of Professional Asbestos Removal

You should never attempt to remove asbestos on your own. Always trust an experienced and reputable professional for this project. With our professional Winnipeg asbestos removal services, here’s what you can expect:

Guaranteed safety

No one should have to worry about asbestos exposure. Given how long the latency period is for most asbestos-related diseases, you may not find out until it’s too late. With our services in Winnipeg, we aim to completely eliminate this stress from your life. 


It’s no small task to remove all traces of asbestos from a building. Once we have completed the removal process, we also offer repair services. We’ll repair any areas that were worked on. Our contractors can replace ceiling tiles, insulation, and flooring materials. 

Completely remove any asbestos 

When you contact certified professionals to remove asbestos, you can rest easy, knowing every trace of asbestos fiber will be removed (and that no one will be harmed in the process). 

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Save yourself from the health problems that can result from asbestos exposure. Protect yourself and your family with our complete asbestos removal services in Winnipeg. With our asbestos abatement process, we can safely remove any hazardous materials from commercial buildings and residential properties. 

Together, we can make your property a safer place. To schedule asbestos removal services or Winnipeg demolition, contact us today.

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