Demolition Safety

Safety is paramount during any construction, remodeling or demolition. It is a requirement that all the necessary safety precautions must be observed to protect lives. Safety also means having the correct equipment for the project. Taking safety precautions should be normal practice on every construction or demolition site. The contractor must take every step to ensure everyone around the site is safe, failure to do so would lead to fatal accidents.

The following are some of the most critical safety precaution measures for demolition projects:

Proper Equipment

All the technicians on the demolition site must be familiar with the entire demolition process irrespective of their field of expertise. They must also have the right equipment and knowledge to use them effectively. Everyone on site must also have the appropriate protective gear from boots, face mask, gloves etc. and wear them as required. These measures will ensure all the people on the demolition site are safe and prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Final sweep

Do not commence the demolition until a final sweep has been done. Check all the rooms, closets, hallways etc. to ensure nobody is left behind and all the valuable stuff have been removed from the building. Everyone should be at a safe distance beyond the reach of any falling debris before the demolition starts to prevent injuries. The demolition site must be protected at all times to prevent any authorized persons from gaining access. One person should be in charge of conducting the final sweep and everyone must report to him or her. The demolition can only commence once whoever is in-charge gives the go ahead.

Skilled and experienced staff

Demolition is a dangerous job that should only be handled by qualified, skilled and experienced personnel. The use of explosives and removal of hazardous compounds such as asbestos or lead requires professional and experienced teams. The staff must be highly trained to be able to handle explosives and other dangerous compounds. Proper training and experience of the personnel can help to prevent fatal accidents on site.
Reinforce the structure

For the safety of personnel gaining access into the building, it is vital to reinforce the structure such as the roof and walkways to prevent injuries or fatalities from site accidents.

Debris Removal

After the demolition is complete the debris must be cleared from the site. All the personnel must wear the necessary protective gear while removing debris from the demolition site. These include boots, gloves and face mask to safeguard themselves. During the removal of debris only authorized personnel should be allowed near the site. The process of clearing debris is extremely dangerous, the safety measures ensure nobody gets hurt.

The safety of a construction or demolition site is the most vital aspect. Safety precautions are necessary when undertaking any project no matter how small. Take the necessary safety measures and protect the lives of personnel and everyone else near the demolition site.