House construction is costly but what can be equally costly is demolition. Both demolition and construction companies will confirm the same. Prior to undertaking a house demolition ensure you factor in the cost otherwise, the whole project could halt midway. The demolition company you hire should be able to give you a proper cost estimate.

The cost of demolishing your house will depend on the following factors:

  • Demolition Technique

There are numerous techniques for demolishing a house. The cost of each technique varies from one to another. For instance tearing down a house using explosives is much less costly compared to knocking down a building using a wrecking ball held up on a crane.

  • Building Size

A large building will need more time, specialized equipment and a much bigger labor force to bring it down compared to a smaller one. These factors will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of demolition.

  • Demolition Scope

Your demolition project may involve a section of your house, structures or the entire building. The size of the building will determine the cost of the demolition. For instance, if you are only demolishing the swimming pool the cost will differ from demolishing the whole house.

  • Building Materials

The cost of the demolition will also be influenced largely by the materials used to build the structure. Demolishing a house made of wood will be a lot cheaper compared to demolishing one constructed using hard concrete blocks.

  • Clearing Debris

There will be a lot of debris after demolition. Confirm with the demolition company you hire whether the estimate includes handling of debris and cleanup. Hauling of the debris may come at an additional cost.

  • Hazardous materials

The presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint in your building will increase the cost of the demolition. These materials make the site risky to operate in and require a lot of precaution, expertise and special equipment to handle during demolition. Inhaling asbestos or lead compounds are harmful to health and will require professionals specialized in handling those materials. This is important for the safety of the demolition personnel, the client, and the community.

  • Ease of access

The accessibility of the site will also influence the cost of the demolition. If the site is hard to access it will lead to increased cost for transporting equipment to site safely.

  • Labor Force

The number of people required to demolish your building will determine the cost of the demolition. This should include those involved in the clearing of debris from the site.

Demolition of a house can be a costly project to undertake. However, one of the most important things for every demolition project is safety. Finding a reputable, efficient and expert demolition company is a critical step in conducting a safe and successful demolition.