The first step in demolishing a house is finding a licensed and bonded demolition contractor to remove the structure. Ensure the estimates from the contractor specify everything including obtaining necessary permits for the job.

  • House Inspection

Demolitions need to be carried out in a safe working environment, therefore inspecting the house for hazardous materials is a critical first step. Materials such as asbestos and lead paint must be carefully removed following the correct remediation procedures. Some demolition companies will subcontract such services to environmental experts.

Get in touch with your utility suppliers to disconnect the water, sewer, gas and electricity from the house.

Before bringing down the house work closely with your demolition contractor to identify the recyclable materials that can be put to better use.

  • Demolition

The house demolition can last for a day or more depending on the complexity. Demolishing a house requires heavy machinery such as a giant hydraulic excavator to bring down the house and collect the debris and load onto a truck or dumpster for hauling.

Get rid of all the rubble and clean up the site. A clean site means that all the dirt has been eliminated including the foundation of the house.

If the new building is supposed to come on the exact spot then the demolition company can utilize the same heavy machinery to get the site ready for the new structure. Your demolition company can handle all the excavation required for the rebuilding of the house.

Normally demolition services are charged per square feet. The cost will vary depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the demolition project. Through a demolition company, you can reliably determine the estimated cost demolishing a house. Get a specific estimate from a number of demolition contractor regarding the cost of the house demolition.

  • Obtaining a Permit

Before you embark on demolishing a house you must obtain the essential permits. These permits may differ from one state to another. There are certain regulations regarding house demolitions concerned with debris, noise, pollution and other notifications. Ensure the contractor you hire is aware of the regulations and permits for your state.

  • Hazardous Materials

The demolition company you hire must be aware of the regulations regarding hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint. Most local authorities demand that inspection for hazardous materials has to be carried before a demolition. Removing hazardous materials must be done following the right procedures. The demolition company you have hired may subcontract these services to environmental experts.

  • Deconstruction

Deconstruction costs much more and takes much longer since everything is done manually to salvage as much material from the house as possible. It involves a much larger crew and recovers more recyclable materials such as glass, doors, tubs, pipes, sinks, and other fixtures. Compared to demolition that can be done by an excavator deconstruction is more labor intensive and will cost almost three times more.

Getting an estimate from more than one Demolition Company will help you understand whether you are getting a fair cost. However, do not be too quick to accept the lowest estimate go for the best value which includes a fair price and other qualifications such as insurance, license, and reviews. Choosing the right demolition company is critical since demolition errors can cause serious potential dangers.